Sunday, October 9, 2011

Curse you, Sherry and John!!!

You know that nice, young couple over at Young House Love...???
While perusing the home goods aisles at a local thrift shop I couldn't help but look at EVERYTHING and wonder: "How would that ceramic whatever-it-is look spray painted in a nice, glossy white??"  Or, "Hmmmm, wonder what a spray of ORB* would do to that thing I could maybe hang on a wall???"
(*Oil Rubbed Bronze for the unbrainwashed uninitiated)

I knew it was bad when I caught myself wondering how this cookie jar - cutely shaped like a Christmas ornament, but hideously painted - would look in our kitchen.  How bad?  We're Jewish - Santa doesn't stop here for milk and cookies (a bowl of matzo ball soup and a nice,warm sweater is always good on a cold winter's night...)  And spell-check even auto-corrected my spelling of "ornement"... Oy!

Okay, Sherry and John, maybe you're not all bad.  I did buy a can of Rustoleum ORB and the base of our crappy-cheap, fake-brass, older-than-either-of-you, second-hand coffee table is currently in the garage drying. 

Have to admit, the old thing looks better already.  After pics to follow ;-D


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